Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hubby's 33rd birthday!


Last May was my darling hubby's 33rd birthday. I have been planning to make him an amazing cake for weeks. He loves fishing so I thought a fishing theme cake would be great. But somehow the plan changed the last minute and instead of a fully iced decorated cake, I thought a simple but grand chocolate cake with lots of liqueur would be perfect for him! And this is what I came up with, a grown-up Neapolitan cake, a.k.a Dark chocolate cake with Neapolitan fillings.

It is a 4 layers cake with Neapolitan fillings: Brandy buttercream, Vanilla-Cointreau buttercream and Strawberry buttercream. Yum! honestly I am not being bias was super yummy LOL!
I know Neapolitan flavour supposed to have vanilla not orangy cointreau..but I just couldn't resist not to add the Cointreau in. It will be still a good flavour combination so why not eh :p

So one cake done for hubby...and what about the kids? Since they can't eat this chocolate cake (way too much liqueur for them hehe) I made them a red velvet cheesecake that was inspired by Browneyedbaker. If you like to try them, you can find recipe for this cheesecake here.

When the baking was done, it was time to decorate the house and I asked the boys to write happy birthday message to daddy on the black board. In the picture you see top picture was done by me, middle picture was done by my 5 year old and bottom one was done by my 2 year old...hahaha all just scribbles but I'm sure the message is hidden somewhere there.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed weekend all!

Happy baking and stay inspired!


  1. Gosh it looks delicious, my boyfriend would love this cake!Is there any chance you will post the recipe?I hope so!