Monday, 12 March 2012

Snorlax Loves cake!


I woke up at 4am this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep..while my mind is wondering around thinking about my long "to do" list for tomorrow, at the same time I just couldn't stop feeling guilty for abandoning the blog. Yes it has been a while that I haven't posted something in the blog.
There is no good excuses for it I know...but, again it is because of me being busy busy busy.

About 4 weeks ago, we finally moved in to our new house. We have settled in well now..took us about 3 weeks to finally finished unpacking etc..well not completely 100% done yet, we still have roughly about 2-3 more boxes to unpack :P
And on top of that, I still got cakes to to feed...husband to to clean...wall to repaint (which we just finished on our living room and we are loving it!! love our new wall colour!)...and my biggest project of all..building a new kitchen site for my cakes business!
See told ya I was busy! hehehe

So here it is, my first post after all those craziness...I made this cake last week and client has told me that this cake has gone internet famous!
It has been posted and shared here:
I waste so much time,
Global Geek News,
and more!

How awesome is that!
Unfortunately they don't know who made the's ME...I made it.. I made it! hahaha
But that's okay I'm happy!

Okay that's it from me now....gonna try to go back to sleep now before the kids woke me up at 7am!
Have a terrific day and happy baking!


  1. I saw the cake on 9gag, and it took me a while afterwards to find your blog, but here I am, you have a new fan, please keep posting:)

    1. Hi! welcome to my humble blog! thanks for your lovely just made my day! :)