Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mickey Mouse cake, Mad scientist cake and another Lighting McQueen cakes

Mickey Mouse theme cake

This super cute Mickey mouse cake if for a boy who turned 2 last week.
I love everything about this cake, I specially love the look of the Mickey mouse..( I was worried if Mickey would turn out not like Mickey but a mouse ha ha ha )

Mad scientist cake

I also had the opportunity to make this interesting cake, Mad Scientist theme cake. I had quite a few challenges in making this cake. Usually I would make the top part using RKT (rice krispies treat), however my friend who ordered the cake wanted to have it all in cake and I was braved enough to make it out of cake.

Everything went well until when I started to stack the cake together. 5 min after I stacked the cakes up...I was horrified to see a crack on the back side of the cake!
and yup..I have forgotten one crucial part...cake supports! I didn't put any cake supports! How on earth would I forget about that..I just don't know. Anyway cut the story short, I managed to fix it..pheew thank God! Lesson learned and I will not forget about putting any support ever again! haha

Lighting McQueen cake

Lastly, I made another Lighting McQueen car cake for a boy name Joshua, who also turned 3 last week.

That's all from me this week...gotta go back  to my kitchen and make more cakes :)
I will update with more cakes and stories soon!
Have a great long weekend to all New Zealanders!

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