Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Generator Rex Cake

Generator what? Rex who? yep that was first thing that popped in my head when my friend requested me to make this character for her son's 4th birthday. I never heard or seen this character before in my life before I made this cake. Anyway I said yes to her and I was happy to do it!

After few research and googling, I found this pic..and I thought...perfect!

And here it is...presenting to you Generator Rex cake..! So glad I could made a 4 year old boy a very happy birthday-boy!


  1. 0_o ! WOW! Awww gotta love GenRex. I'd SAY I'd make this for my bro, but it would totally be for me! (and I'm a girl...) ahha. GREAT JOB!

  2. how do you make fondant and what recipe you use for making the figures and flowers..I hope it's not a secret?:)
    I loved all your cakes!!