Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cakes I made for Christmas

I have been doing a lot of baking during Christmas..but I have not posted any of the pictures here. So here they are! The above cake is a simple chocolate cake dusted with icing sugar.
I used bought gingerbread baby cookies for the topper and I made the Christmas trees from fondant icing. It's a winter wonderland in my chocolate cake world! :)

Brownies is a must have dessert on Christmas. To me a good brownie should have a shiny crust top..soft and chewy in the middle. I do have a confession, I am obsessed with brownies! This little dessert is very simple to make but yet very tricky to get it right.
I can talk on and on and on about I wont write too much about brownies in this post, I will save it for another post :)

I love Tiramisu! It's definitely one of my weakness..once I start eating this, I can not stop! I have to finish the whole plate and lick it if i have to! There something about it that is just so deliciously inviting and addictive. Maybe it's the mascarpone..or the cream..or the beautiful taste of coffee..that makes you want more and more of this dessert. All the combination just perfectly complimenting together. Whoever invented this dessert..thank God for you :)

I have made a lot of Tiramisu in the past but I have only taken pictures of these two Tiramisu.
The top picture is what I made for 2009 Christmas and below it, is the one I made for last Christmas.

Chocolate Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Custard

I was invited to a friend's New Year's Eve family dinner and of course I didn't want to come empty-handed. So I made this Chocolate Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Custard filling and glaze. I hope they like it because I didn't get a chance to taste it as I left early before they started on the dessert. I wished that I could stay till midnight but my boys were tired and looking very sleepy...maybe next year we could stay a bit later and watch the fireworks with my boys :)

Oh holiday season is over...but baking season is still on!
Happy baking everyone!

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