Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lighting McQueen 3D Cake and Cookies


So last week I was busy and this week it was super busy!
This week both my boys were sick. my youngest boy was sick first and on the day he got better was my oldest boy turned. So yes the birthday boy got sick on Friday and his birthday party was on Saturday. I thought of postponing the party few times, but I thought I would wait till Saturday morning and see how he was. Because the party was all planned out, I thought it would be a shame to cancel it..especially that the weather would be sunny and warm on Saturday. So Friday evening, I made the decision to keep going, make the cake, prep everything...I prayed and hope for miracle that he would feel better by the next day!

7am the next day, he still had a fever! and I thought..oh no I have to cancel everything..the birthday boy is sick. Amazingly, just when I was about to cancel the 9am, he was all better! Yay..! the party is still on!

I managed to finish the cake at the last minute..I'm not too happy with the patchy stony desert. It was supposed to have some grass and cactus, but I only had 5 min to complete the base...oh least it is finished right?

Thank God the party went well..the kids were happy...and it is always great to be surrounded with good food and great companies!

Finally here it is, my son's 4th birthday second cake. He loves cars and I thought a 3D Lighting McQueen cake would be perfect for him and it was! He loved the cake!

These are the cookies I made for the guests to take home.
Cars were never my thing, but when you have 2 boys.. you gotta to learn about cars!
Have a great week everyone!

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