Monday, 6 December 2010

Farm Animals Mini Cupcakes and Lighting McQueen Cake.

What a week! It was so busy that it went by so quick...Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday. He turned 4 is such a blessing to watch him grow and.. oh how fast time flies. We didn't plan to have a birthday party for him this year, I thought a small celebration in his pre-school would do. But being a 4 year old..he requested to have a party and he even had a guest list! Now I had to organise 2 parties and make 2 birthday cakes for him! One small celebration in pre-school and one on the weekend for our family and friends.
One down, and another one to go!

This was the cake for the pre-school party.

On the same day.. was also my friend's daughter birthday. She has the same birthday as my son. I was requested to make Farm animals theme mini cupcakes....and I was delighted!

Here is Farm Animals Chocolate Buttermilk Mini Cupcakes.

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  1. How do you create that grass? Those are ADORABLE!